product description

  • Waterborne/oily heat-dissipating paint

    It is a special coating to improve the heat dissipation efficiency of the surface of the object and reduce the temperature of the system. It is applied to objects that need heat dissipation, such as CPU, LED lamps, electrical appliances, etc., where heat exchange is needed, such as vacuum furnaces, vacuum radiators.

    Excellent heat dissipation, ensuring high-precision parts, without losing their function due to continuous temperature rise, or even causing a short circuit. This product not only does not increase in temperature due to the extended operating time, but the temperature will decrease and the product life will be extended.

  • High temperature resistant abrasion
     resistant coating

    It can withstand high temperatures above 800 degrees and has extremely high hardness. It can be rubbed, pure inorganic materials, no harmful substances, can be used as surface coating for electric heating tube heaters, ceramics and various metals, and effectively prevent high temperature oxidation and high temperature corrosion. And high-performance coatings that prevent surface damage caused by high friction, extending the life of the product.

  • Environmentally friendly coating / solvent

    In response to the country's environmental protection and energy conservation policies and awareness of environmental protection awareness, our company has introduced foreign water-oil environmentally friendly polymer technology series to avoid chemical odors caused by enterprises in the production process, violating the government's environmental protection regulations and Good neighborly and friendly environment, and the company is even responsible for the company being shut down. The company actively develops high-tech technical coatings, and uses the principle of polymer series photocatalyst to effectively decompose benzene, ketone, ester and other gases for structural decomposition. No longer has a pungent taste and does not harm the environment. This environmentally-friendly coating meets various environmental regulations of the government and is suitable for various coatings and solvents.

  • Transparent fireproof coating and fireproof powder

    Fire accidents all over the world have been transmitted frequently, causing heavy losses to life and property. The company has introduced high-tech fire-retardant coating technology to foreign countries. It is a water-swellable transparent flame retardant with good compatibility. It can be added to a variety of water-based resins for water-based expansion. Type of transparent fire-retardant coating, with fire expansion and suppression of fire spread, and excellent transparency, used in ancient building maintenance, cabins, doors and windows, panels, cabinets, floors and various interior decoration, flammable materials used Materials, including wood, plastic sheets, wallpapers, etc., the surface is made of a transparent coating fire protection treatment, without losing the original appearance.

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