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Toonwei provides industrial chain cooperation and integrates all-round services

Toonwei actively integrates and cooperates with high-tech functional coatings. At present, the coating chemical industry wants to develop and sell in mainland China. It must meet the strict requirements of the government. The company meets the requirements and can provide hazardous chemicals preparation and hazardous chemicals. Product storage, transportation of hazardous chemicals and after-sales technical services.


    Chemical preparation

    The company has a safe production and operation license  for dangerous chemicals, a fixed pollution source operation permit, and meets the requirements of the government, and can prepare dangerous goods.

  • Chemical storage

    The company has the requirements of the government's Class A warehousing of hazardous chemicals, can carry out appropriate amount of safety stock, and can also meet the production needs of customers.

  • Chemical transportation

    The company has the requirements of the government to transport dangerous chemicals vehicles, driving and escort personnel transport qualifications, can be delivered to the client in a timely manner.

  • Quality Inspection & IQC Center

    Our company posses of the advanced equipments and the equipments for products inspection. We have procedures to perform the controlling and managing tasks strictly on the merterial feeding, product deploying, prodct shipping,product chemical controlling and inspecting, product quality control and the stability, per the customer‘s product specifications.

  • Sales and technical service

    The company in Taiwan, Guangdong Dongguan, Jiangsu, Suzhou and other places, with experienced business and technical personnel,Will form up the after-sale technical service team to do the timely local customer services.



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